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Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration - Level 7
The primary aim of this programme is to develop a range of appropriate knowledge, values, skills and competencies sufficient to enable learner to operate and manage effectively with domestic and international markets. This course provides knowledge of applications and in-depth analysis in preparation for careers in business administration, product management, strategic planning, financial management and control as well as marketing entrepreneurship.
At the end of the course, a graduate is expected to be able to:

Qualification Level Level 7
Awarding Body
This qualification is awarded by EBMA.
Recommended Course Duration
12-18 Months
Course Structure
A candidate has to attend six units to pass Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration. There are 200 learning hours for each unit.
Mandatory Units
Unit 1: International Marketing Management (20 Credits)
Unit 2: Operations and Supply Chain Management (20 Credits)
Unit 3: Financial Management (20 Credits)
Unit 4: International Business Strategy (20 Credits)
Optional Units (Please select two from the following units)
Unit 5: International Economics (20 Credits)
Unit 6: Administrative Office Management (20 Credits)
Unit 7: Organisational Development and Change (20 Credits)
Unit 8: Human Resource Management (20 Credits)
Total Credits: 120
In order to be considered for a postgraduate diploma, learners are required to complete a combination of mandatory units and specialist optional units. Assessment includes written examinations and assignments which will be assessed according to the generic programme criteria provided in the EBMA assessment handbook for tutors.

List of the Courses:
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